New organic fertilizer product line that launched in the U.S. in 2018. Campaign included website, several customized landing pages, paid retargeting, Google ads, email, mailers, magazine ads, and trade shows. The campaign led to over $1 million in product sales the first year.
A 3-year advertising campaign for Promax biopesticide, consisting of print and digital advertising including: multiple series of mailers, emails, Google ads, digital banner ads, trade shows, and regular magazine ad placements. The campaign generated well over $1 million in revenue.
A Series of 6 magazine ads directed to Strawberry growers in a regional publication, advertising Huma Gro crop inputs. Included custom landing pages. The campaign produced significant sales opportunities for the regional product rep.
A series of hand-drawn cartoons published in a quarterly publication to create brand awareness for for an insurance company and poke fun at common insurance stereotypes. 

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